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SP Soft Ltd. is the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider across Bangladesh. By combining advanced AI capabilities and our unique value-first approach, we deliver cutting-edge technology for education, agriculture, and retail industries.


Get Mee AI for Eduction Sector

World leading Australian innovation in AI for communication and personal development.

Data Science

On-Demand data science consulting with state-of-the art tools, processes and skilled experts for all your data needs.

AI Consulting

AI and automation beyond chatbots and intelligent agents.


AI For EdTech Innovation Pioneer
Technology for social change
Australian partnership

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, your mobile phone will  become your own private personal coach.

Future proof your business!

AI Expertise, extensive experience, and world-leading product innovation to help you take advantage of the AI revolution.

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GetMee for education and communication development!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The GetMee coaching app is available for enterprise and individuals. The enterprise version provides additional features that are specific to enterprise skills development, including access to content library and videos from our community of coaches. 

GetMee is a private coach and runs on the mobile device. This means your private data never leaves your phone or tablet. We designed the AI and the app using privacy by design to ensure your privacy was front and center of production. 

Yes. We can work with you to scope your project and provide a feasibility summary with timeline and cost.

GetMee is a communication coach however; it is aware that language is an essential part of communication so it can teach you fundamental communication skills in English including pronunciation, clarity and articulation skills.

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